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Dr. Wesley Northey
(The only Doctor of Physical Therapy + Master Massage Therapist in Arkansas)
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Personalized Physical Therapy + Expert Medical Massage
  • ​Feel Better Fast: Up to 95% better after your first visit.
  • ​Eliminate Pain: Promote healing and prevent pain from coming back.
  • Discover the Source: Find out where your problem is coming from and why.
  • ​Be Empowered: Learn how to improve everyday on your own terms.
  • Reduce Stress: Experience true freedom from the weight of stress and tension.
  • ​Improve Posture: Apply practical strategies that help you fix it permanently.
  • ​Simple, Safe and Effective: Non-invasive, all natural, with proven results.
  • ​No Costly Medical Bills: Avoid injections, pain meds, MRIs and Surgery.
About Dr. Wesley Northey

"Taking care of yourself isn't a luxury when you have people depending on you - it's a necessity."

- Dr. Wesley Northey
  • Over 16+ years hands-on experience helping people eliminate and prevent pain.
  • The Only Professional who is both a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Master Massage Therapist in Arkansas.
  • Advanced Training in the most effective techniques to get people feeling better fast.
  • Public Speaker and Educator for eliminating back pain and improving performance.
Conditions I Help People With Everyday
  • ​Bulging Discs: Typically in the neck or low back.
  • Sciatica: Whether it's new or you've had it for years.
  • Muscle Strain: From overuse or over exertion.
  • Headaches: From mild headaches to severe migraines.
  • Stress Tension: When life is throwing everything at you.
  • Poor Posture: From mild to advanced.
  • ​Muscle Knots: Usually in the back, neck and shoulders.
  • ​Hip and Shoulder Pain: From joint problems, old injuries or general wear and tear.
  • ​Vertigo: From inner ear problems.
What People Are Saying
"I have had a bad back for 15 years and been to many chiropractors. Dr. Northey was the first person to help me understand what was actually wrong with my back, and then help me with exercises I can use long term to not have problems. I went from not being able to move, to little pain in two days. All this with no pain meds, no injections, no bs. If you have back pain you know how much a life saver it is to move again freely."
- Adam Keuttal
Wes has an amazing gift in his ability to find the exact problem areas and work through pain points bringing immediate relief with exactly the right pressure. He takes time to listen and then responds with a plan of action that is customized to your particular situation. I have been going to Wes for over 10 years. He helps me deal with the stresses of life and brings balance back to center. He is extremely professional and is by far the most effective massage therapist/physical therapist I have ever gone to. I can honestly say that Wes is absolutely AMAZING!

- Karen Rapier
"I have had chronic neck pain for years with countless doctor and chiropractor visits that were unsuccessful on fixing the problem. This pain was affecting everything I did. After seeing Dr. Northey, he taught me methods that truly corrected the problem and I am pain free! I am more knowledgeable on the cause and I now have solutions. He really heard me and truly cares for his patients."
- Lindsey Cash
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much does it cost? Sessions start for as little as $37.
  • ​Do You Take My Insurance? No, we do this on purpose. Insurance companies like to determine how healthcare providers treat their patients and they heavily influence what type of care is provided. I leave them out so you can decide what's best for you, not them. Typically this means we can make much more progress, much more quickly - saving you time and money.
  • How long are the appointments? Options range from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on what your needs are.
  • ​​Are you a Chiropractor? No, Physical Therapists are different than Chiropractors. While we can both help back pain, our approach and the techniques we use are different.
  • What is Medical Massage? It's an advanced form of massage aimed at getting specific results for your body, it can be a combination of several different techniques including Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger-Point, and Myofascial Release to accomplish that goal. 
  • How is the Physical Therapy different? I train people how to do the most effective and simple therapeutic stretches and exercises at home so you don't have to do them with me.
  • ​Do you do acupuncture or dry needling? I am a Certified Dry Needling Provider and offer it as an option for some trigger-point and muscle knot work.
  • ​Can you help me set up a fitness program? Yes! Some people don't know how to get started safely and I am happy to help.
  • ​Can I just get a relaxing massage? Absolutely. No pain? No problem. Getting a relaxing massage is one of the best things in the world.
  • Do you do Prenatal Massage? Yes! Expecting moms need and deserve massage more than anybody. I use a pregnancy pillow that allows mom to lay face-down comfortably and keeps baby safe.
  • Can I come in just to meet you and see if it's a good fit? Absolutely. I'd love to visit with you and hear your story so you can see if I am able to help.
Full Satisfaction Guarantee

"I am so sure that I can help you, that if you are not completely satisfied with your treatment, you don't have to pay anything."

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"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy."

- Dale Carnegie

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